Stanegarth was brought to Stoney Cove as a project in association with DIVER magazine.

The Stanegarth was originally built in 1910 as a steam powered tug by Lytham Ship Builders Co. for Rea Transport Co. Ltd. of Liverpool, she is older than The Titanic! She was later converted to diesel power with the addition of an enclosed wheelhouse in 1957. In 1999 we found Stanegarth abandoned at Sharpness, Gloucestershire.

More than 18 metres long with a beam of 5 metres, the Stanegarth was thought to weigh 46 tons. The task of transporting her from sharpness to Stoney Cove was set to be a formidable one. She was so big the wheelhouse would have to be cut off to fit under motorway bridges.

As it turned out, the tug weighed twice as much as was originally thought, and the 250-ton crane failed to lift her. The Stoney Cove team removed 7 tons of greasy debris, 18 tons of engine and gearbox, and tons more of steel ballast, but this only reduced the Stanegarth's weight to 81 tons.

It was only when bulwarks fore and aft were cut off, that the tug could be lifted and the trip to Stoney Cove began. On arriving at Stoney cove, the Stanegarth brought fresh headaches as she stuck fast in the entrance.

Stanegarth is the largest shipwreck in any dive centre by a long way!


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