Nessie Spotted.....

She is believed to have returned to swallower waters in search of her favourite food gnomes, she is always happy to see a smiley face.

Nessie's on the move again, if you see her make sure she's the right way up as she sometimes needs a helping hand and why not email us at to tell us where you saw her.

Seen under Nemos by Daren Perry.

Scared the pants off Mark Willoughby, back under Nemos Bar.

MV Belinda

The sinking was text book, a warm sunny evening and calm water as hundreds of onlookers toasted MV Belinda's sinking. Now at rest between Defiant and the APC she should be easy to find for those of use that find underwater navigation a challenge.


Trawler MV Belinda sinking at Stoney Cove from martin woodward on Vimeo.


More wrecks than Scapa Flow or Truck Lagoon ? Definitely not but we are well on are way to a real sunken fleet with “MV Belinda” to join tug boats “Stanegarth” and “Defiant” in the near future. “MV Belinda” is a steel built trawler and we intent to place “Belinda “ in the 20mtr area not to far from her sister ships. We are also on the hunt for a significant item to place in the 35mtr area for the experts amongst us, so keep an eye on the news pages of for further developments.


Tugboat "Defiant"

At Stoney there’s always something going so check our website regularly for the latest news and if you can’t find the info you are looking for just give us a call on 01455 273089 Negotiations are now almost complete to secure a major new feature for Stoney Cove. The tugboat “DEFIANT” is a pretty Dutch tug with interesting war history, folklore has it that she was brought to England by two men escaping the Germans during WW2. At 14mtrs (46ft) long and 20 tons she is somewhat smaller than Stanegarths massive 18mtrs (60ft) long and 81 tons, however she will make a superb addition to our collection and be a fine sister ship to Stangarth.Projects like this are always a real challenge and once again our friends at Diver Magazine have stepped forward to help us, so if all goes well we hope to have “DEFIANT” at Stoney by the 16 th September and have a jolly good sinking party! Check this column for further news

The big clean up and removal of any items that could cause potential snags and entrapment, this work includes grinding back all sharp edges and making openings. And then the removal of debris and contamination

Defiant prepared for the sinking ceremony, blessed by the Reverand David Shaw and washed with champagne by Dot from Diver Magazine and Suzy Woodward from Nemos Bar

And what is she like to dive, well fantastic

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