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Frozen Regulator Free Flows and Cold Water Diving

The water and air temperatures are reducing so the risk of frozen regulator free flow is increasing.

Cold Water Diving Do's

Beware that water colder than 10 degrees can cause regulator icing.

Use an EN 250 cold water rated regulator in water with a temperature of less than 10 degrees. New regulators that are unsuitable for cold water are marked like this:- > 10 °C on either the first stage or the second stage, older regulators may not be marked like this. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your regulator for cold water use contact the manufacturer.

Keep your regulator out of the cold prior to diving.

Breathe gently during the dive

Keep your regulator dry between dives.

Practise breathing during an underwater free flow

Cold Water Diving Don'ts

Leave your regulator in the car overnight

Breathe heavily through your regulator in air prior to diving

Inflate an SMB or lift bag from your alternate air source

Do unnecessary deco diving

Dive deeper than you have to